Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving Thanks in November

Now its the last day in November, here are the things I am thankful for that my wonderful family does

My only son. Im thankful I had you first so you can look after your sisters! Everyday when you wake up you make your bed and clean up your bedroom, and then move on to the girls rooms to clean for me without me asking! You are a big helper around the house and that is so needed right now! You think everything I cook is chicken and look at me with the straightest face and say "That chicken was good Mom". You are a really great shack builder, spending endless hours outside hammering. You stole our porch plant and attached to the side of your houses porch! You're so creative. You draw cards and pictures for us all of the time. You're always so excited to join in on helping me cook, bake, decorate for holidays. You're joyful and fun-loving!

Im thankful for beautiful blonde curls and big pretty eyes. Everyday you say "Hi Mom" to me when I walk past you. You are now starting to listen to me when I talk to you and respond back. Your cute sayings like "Whats that!", or when I ask you a question and you shake your head yes or no. You're getting so big. You mimic cleaning the floor and feeding your little babies Livys bottles and burping them. You're the absolute most adorable little girl, especially in your little dresses. You make up little songs and hum them to yourself. You tap dance around the house, and hide by the basement door to play peek-a-boo when someone walks past.

Im thankful you made it here healthy after that scary pregnancy. You already have your dads eyes and long lashes. You look more like your sister everyday. You smile in your sleep and its one of the very few things that makes me smile. Your funny sounding gulps while you drink your bottle! That even though you dont sleep at night, you sleep during the day so I can get things done. (Though I would like to sleep at night!) And that you are a girl

Husband Jim..
Im thankful you always apologize when you dont even know what you've done wrong yet, and sometimes didnt do anything. That you're here and defend me to your relatives of certifiable lunatics! You text me from work every day and tell me youre thankful to have me. How you tell me "Its going to be just fine" when I say the children are making me crazy. How you will run all of the errands if I ask you to without complaining even after working 10 hour days. For taking my many bitchy texts I send you when Im having bad days. For breakfast in bed on the weekends, even though Im cranky when you wake me up. For trying to cook for the kids. Thankful you love me.

Im thankful you're my mom. That you give when you dont have anything for yourself. Your child-like happiness at Christmas...cutting down your own tree, festive parades. For fighting with us to all show up for the holiday events, even though you sometimes later regret it. For sheltering me from my father and his family. For the girl scouts, cardboard bunny easter baskets, attorneys, checks to pay my bills, refridgerators, loans, Christmas gifts for Jimmy...twice, baptism dresses, computers, my trip to Woodstock...oh I mean skiing, books for college, fixing my hair. For loving me

Im thankful you stayed. The joy in your eyes when you look at your grandchildren. Your dedication. Putting up with my brothers. Trying to keep the family calm on hectic holidays and everyday at that.

Im thankful for you showing up when I really need you to. Answering your phone when I need to talk. Many other things I can't type in this blog! You're finacially stable and have great things to show for yourself in life so far.

Im thankful you survived. Im happy when you smile, deeply happy. Your grades that are improving. Your many excuses to skip out of preschool through grade school and now high school. Your many boo boos. Your many disasters I took the blame for growing up (broken tv's). Not being a scary teenager, like many on the news today. Your pleads to drive my cars, even when you were too small to reach the pedals. Thankful you're a good uncle to Gia!