Friday, June 24, 2011

Long Time No Blog

Another summer has come...I can say that I have not only opened a new chapter in my life since the last time I have blogged, I have opened a entirely new book.
I started a home bakery, which was something I had always wanted to do. I am hoping to one day move in to a actual building of my the mean time this will for sure make do! :)
My two teenage step daughters now reside in our home, so I am now a full time mother of six. Instead of being overwhelmed, which I will admit at times I feel like I am in the weeds, I feel a sense of fullness in my family. We are now complete!
Emily has a learning permit to drive our car and a part time job!
Amanda...well lets just say she is enjoying summer and all it brings! ;-)
Jimmy is loving his summer and break from boy scouts and school.
Gianna will be turning four tomorrow!! Holy hell, where has the time gone?!
Olivia is bright and smart..following swiflty in all of her older sisters footsteps.
Sophia is busy absorbing all that she can, growing teeth, and deciding whether she is content with crawling or should start to walk.
Jim and I spend our time running to catch up with our children and our marriage to each other. We are now understanding the concept of "scheduled" time together! :-D