Monday, November 17, 2008

Let it Snow!

Wow I cant believe its snowing already. Really Id rather it not but Jimmy loves the snow, so I really cant wait for us to get enough for him to go sled riding.
So another sleepless night! How long can you go without adequate sleep? My husbands aunt jokes around and tells me Im going to lose my mind and run out into the street naked! My body is sore to the touch...probably from being in the upright position so long!
My little baby Olivia has her pediatrician appointment tomorrow, she needs vaccinations :( I hate making my children get shots. I feel so bad for them
I do believe I will get Christmas decorations put up today. It makes my sleepy days brighter to have up the lights for the kids. And besides that I figured if I start now I will have it all up by Christmas, hopefully anyway!