Saturday, November 29, 2008

Celebrate the Seasons Parade!

For some reason I never gave much thought until this year to the parade we have here in Pittsburgh. It seems pretty decent this year and Im bummed out I cant go :(
Jim is working at some guys house this morning, and my girls are too little for the cold. Livy is too new and Gia would probably scream her lungs out at the strange ppl that dare to stand next to her! Jimmy is still sound asleep and so is TJ. So Im making a point to go next year! And this year Ill have to settle for watching it on TV.
----------------------On the news this morning...
It is crazy to me how bad the crime rate is at local malls this year. Station Square had a high rate of rapes and robberies! I always drive to South Hills Village Mall and they were on there as well for indecent exposure and robberies, along with The Mall at Robinson, and Parkway Center. I realize with the slacking economy ppl may be stealing more but rapes and indecent exposure! No excuses for that, thats horrible.