Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 11 as a mother of three

Well I am really trying to adjust to getting 3 hours a sleep a night, taking care of my three children and husband on top of my tons of other responsibilities. I've broken down into tears a handful of times, which is not like me, but these days Im feeling a little crazy. Actually I believe
I can speak on behalf of the rest of my family as well when it comes to the insanity we are all feeling right now. Gianna is again having attention fits and hitting her head off of things, Jimmy will sing and dance if he has to to get attention and if that doesnt work out to his liking he then turns to aggrivating Gia. He asks questions from the time he wakes up until he falls asleep, constantly interrupts our conversations, refuses to let anyone else speak or have time with Jim without being disruptive. We've had movie night with him, they go to church together and boyscouts but no matter what we do he wont stop demanding more! I've noticed Gia has started to really beat him up once she has had enough of his torture. His hyper activity is frustrating as well.

Maybe I just need some sleep...

On a better note our baby is adorable. She sleeps all day long and is so pleasant. I cant wait for Christmas, our family seems so full now.