Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eye doctor

I noticed that one of the many things that has went haywire throughout these pregnancies is my vision. When I was pregnant with Gianna I noticed I could no longer see clearly through my contacts. My obgyn told me sometimes that occurs due to hormones so I neverminded it. Afetr having her I went to get my yearly vision check-up and was diagnosed with cataracts. My grandmother told me that its hereditary in my family.
Ok so I bought new glasses and contacts, stronger ones. I've had the same prescriptio since the 7th grade so Im a little worried but Im getting older :( Whatever
Another pregnancy goes by now and Im back again with even worse vision then last year! So my cataracts worsened! Great, now what. I mention I was told that my family all appears to have this problem and the doctor told me that normally cataracts start in the corners and move towards the center of your eye, then you have surgery to correct it. Mine has started in the center clouding my vision and is moving all around.
So why is mine different from my moms, grams, great aunts??... The doctor told me if you have had any head injuries like automobile accidents etc it can cause it and thats what my cataracts are from she said. Not the kind my family has.
She also informed me that once it was corrected that if I did not get the lenses specially for stigmatism I would need readers as well!
Im only 28!