Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tales of the Truly Intolerant

So here I am, yet another sleepless night I suffered through. Last night was harder than the past ones. Olivia screamed in gassy pain, I gave her a ounce of water and she went to the bathroom within 45 min. then to bed. Awoke again about a hour later screaming, this time it seemed like acid was coming up, poor kid pukes constantly. We started her right away on hyperallergenic formula since our other two needed it and the pediatrician that visited in the hospital warned me if she didnt have stomach problems it could cause them. Our pediatrician said it would be which is it?
I have since given her a bottle of good old Carnation Good Start. And right to sleep she went!?? Shes intolerant to the formula for formula intolerant babies. Whatever works at this point.

Im not visiting much with the other children because Im sleeping when Jim gets home so I can stay up through the night. He keeps promising we are going to look back on these days and miss them. I disagree but in the back of my mind I do believe him and thats why Im afraid to get my tubligation done. I opted out for Mirena... I could possibly be hormonal and a little crazy right now, along with sleep deprived so who mind could change. I still do believe if I would not have conceived our son 8 years ago I wouldve never had kids and who knows where I would be now. But here we are, a big full family. I dont regret any of them. Even the ones who REFUSES to let me sleep! :)