Sunday, December 27, 2009

Video Games

My Mom bought Jimmy Wii Resorts and I really have been playing it for hours now, even days! Jim was playing Lego Rock Band yesterday  and Jimmy had friends over playing Lego Indiana Jones. I love this Wii! It was last years Christmas present for Jimmy from my Mom and we play it constantly. Santa brought Tony Hawk Ride & Band Hero for the PS3 (damn stores were all sold out for the Wii). I want to skateboard :(

Friday, December 25, 2009


Everything for our little girls was pink and Disney Princess, so cute! My brother and his girlfriend stayed until 4:30 AM helping with assembly of the My First Kennmore appliances and toy boxes, Jim and I were up even later. Jimmy got his new dirtbike, gear, Band Hero and loads of other games for his PS3, Wii, and DS. He played all day! The kids are all so happy, and it makes Jim and I so happy to see them surprised with what Santa had brought for them. We are thankful for our family this year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thanks Mom!!

Go ahead and laugh, but this giant mouse was my gift! From the time I was a little girl, I loved and adored Mickey Mouse and it was my dream to go to Walt Disney World to meet him. I went twice this year to visit him and now I am taking him home :)  All thanks to my mom.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pittsburgh CLO

My parents took me to the Byham Theater to see The Christmas Carol today and it was amazing. They managed to transform the stage right in front of you from scene to scene and did an amazing job with the three ghosts of Christmas. The scene with Little Timmy brought tears to my eyes and Scrooge made me laugh.  If you have a chance to go, it is well worth seeing.
A Musical Christmas Carol

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hartwood Acres

Jimmy and I had went last year with my parents and I really wanted Jim to see the display so we took the kids and drove out there. It was beautiful and we didnt have to wait too long in line.

Visit to see Santa Claus

Ok so Olivia had the cutest pair of cream colored baby Uggs and she absolutely hates shoes! These just so happened to slip on and off so she managed to pull them off and screamed every time we put them back on her. So this year not only is she traumatized from Santa Claus, she looks like a bare footed homeless baby.  But at least Gianna didnt have a fit as well! We will chalk this one up as a good Santa photo.

Playing in the Snow!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jimmys Trip to the Trainshow

This weekend

We are finally going to see Santa tomorrow (weather permitting) and I think going to see a light show. On Sunday, The Chrsitmas Carol with family. Then I am officially on school break! Get to catch up on Jimmy's work and hang out with my husband and children :)

Our Christmas Tree

Our tree has a fortress built around it this year to keep to the ornament throwers at bay!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Jesus! How scary

15-Year-Old Accidentally Shot In Liberty Borough

A 15-year-old boy is recovering after an accidental shooting in Liberty Borough.

An official with the Pennsylvania Game Commission says the boy was hunting with some friends when his 12-gauge shotgun went off.

The bullet entered near his lower right ribs and exited through his shoulder. His vital organs were not hit.

The boy was taken to Children's Hospital and he's said to be conscious and alert.

He is listed in serious condition.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Celebrate! Celebrate!

I have successfully completed yet another class with an A. Rock on! That is 12 credits for this school under my belt so far. DH has successfully completed his first class with an A as well. I start new classes tomorrow and he gets a week off. (lucky!)
 I must start to prepare my list of baking goods and square away some more Christmas shopping. I picked up DH's lay a way on Friday, bunch of cloths and guy stuff. Got it all wrapped and hidden away in the attic. Now I must finish the kids and my family. I will say that I will be ecstatic when I have everything payed off and bought. Sad that Christs birthday is such a consumer holiday, ruins everything.
 Now that DH is home from hunting and all finals are complete, I can actually shower and go to sleep before 3AM for the first time this week!! Tomorrow is the speech therapist and Jimmy's homework ((((sigh.....)))

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I am so tired at this point, I mean really tired. Just a few hours of sleep, almost a whole half a pot of coffee down and I am ready to pass out. Finals will do this each at every time. Of course trying to write Jim's essays help Jim write his essays on top of my own is so tiring. Its the whole compiling thousands of words into a APA format over and over, on top of researching and outlining. Then there is Jimmy's work.
  Oh then Christmas shopping is a scary scary thing. We already spent so much and yet the list keeps growing somehow. How does this get so out of control? It goes from celebrating Jesus's birthday to bankrupting us.
  On an even crazier note, I read on my Yahoo homepage today that a couple paid a national forest for a Christmas tree. Not just a tree farm where you cut one of  their trees down and they take it back and wrap it! They drove their Subura into the forest, attempted to hike to the top of a mountain to cut down a rare tree that is only found in high elevation and has not returned. So here's the part I found crazy. The same couple, did the exact thing last year and got lost. These people have 4 children and the wife is a diabetic. What in the hell are you thinking? Its Christmas assholes, what about your kids! You risk your lives over a Christmas tree?! What is going on in this place