Monday, December 1, 2008


My husband left with my father to go hunting this morning, and it has been really nice so far. The house is somehow quieter, for sure cleaner. At frist I thought I would be crazy staying here witht he kids alone for 2 whole days but its not so bad at all.
I dont really see the 'dear-hunting' concept. Its really cold out, I would not want to hike through the muddy woods, I get bored easy, and I would probably drive myself crazy sitting there. I bet I would think about the things needing to be done at home the whole time. And really, why would you shoot something that has done nothing to you. I know it controls the deer population and you can eat them, but still. Some cities are over populated, with ppl that really are a hassle... If you put antlers on my mother in law and threw her in the woods I would participate! lol