Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pine Wood Derby

Jim and Jimmy worked so hard on his Pine Wood Derby car. They were really excited to race today! Congrats Jimmy!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its my 100th post!

Hmmm then, lets see...

I was reading through one my followed blogs and a post reminded me of a funny job I once had...
I used to work as a makeup artist for Clinique New York. Clinique consultants were trained and traveled to Clinique booths everywhere to sell products and teach women (customers and the counter girls) how to use them. Skincare, make-up whatever.
In my travels to every mall from here to Egypt I've seen some pretty crazy things. I've had a lady insist that the fluorescent lights in Macys was tricking her into buying make-up that didn't 'really look right' when she took it home. So she would jump out of my stool and run to the nearest entrance, taking my mirror with her of course, and then would bring back the verdict.
One mall in particular had a Clarins booth next to ours and I LOVED the counter manager. He was a gay man with a outstanding personality and he had a natural gift in selling. I suppose the best word to describe hm would be 'appropriate'. He didnt take any crap off of anyone, and most Clarins customers are 'appropriate' also, seeings the cheapest product is $75.
I glance over at his counter to see his expression and he was rendered speechless by his customer. She had her hands in the tester creams and was rubbing it all over her stomach and boobs! I had to run away from my customer so I could go hide and laugh. After she left he removed his testers from the counter.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honest as (S)Crap

This comes from one of my favorite blogs. Not Your Typical Mommy

She carried on to say in order to be able to pass this award on you must "spill 10 of your secrets"
You asked for it! Hear me vent

1. I can't stand my husbands family, I wish they'd take their unmannerly, weirdo asses somewhere away from me and my children.

2. If my ghetto ass, want to be gangster, teenage neighbor sounds off his base in his stereo one more day I might have to show him how gangster I can be!

3. My 1 year old daughter picked up my attitude, and I tell Jim its his fault she 'evil eyes' people, even though its mine.

4. I'm truly sad without my dog.

5. Ghosts dance in my attic and walk around my house and I find myself talking to them! Dont laugh...

6. I'm also 28 and still get pimples, and felt I was one of the very few people whose crappy teenage blemish problem followed them into adult world. (Until I read your post)

7. I also need to stop being a potty mouth in front of my children, who have also picked it up. Gia says 'shit' and Jimmy has a vast vocab

8. My Mirena IUD is going to push me over the edge of PMS crazy

9. I love 50's retro memorbillia

10. I havent bought myself a new pair of running shoes in years and cant wait until next week to shop for them :)

There it is, and as requested: "The other condition of this blog is passing on the award and since I think all bloggers out there deserve it, I'm giving it to everyone. So please, snag the button and spill 10 of your secrets."

Stimulus package

Just out of curiosity... how in the hell is the "Making Work Pay" tax cut going to stimulate the economy when half the US doesn't have jobs?

"So much of the spending that's in the bill . . . has no place in the stimulus bill, which ought to be focused like a laser on the preservation, protection and creation of jobs," said House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R- Va.

My family belongs to the catholic church, I will be the first to say that their ways are nearly impossible to abide by. IM ON BIRTH CONTROL! I cant afford to take chances like that. Thankfully my insurance paid for it. Let them pass help for under insured individuals so they dont conceive children they cannot afford to care for. The church is the first to throw a fit publically. How about how much money the catholic church rolls with! Greedy asses, throw some of the money back to your people!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Recently our beautiful stainless fridge stopped working, we put money into trying to fix it and it was no good. So we started using the gameroom fridge, until that broke yesterday. Then our second dryer in a year died out yesterday as well. Our cat decided he would check out whats between our ceiling and drop ceiling in the laundry room and caved it in. My hot water tank has been providing just enough hot water for 1 shower then its out, so the plumbers are coming this week to look, since they'll already be here fixing the furnace that broke 2 months ago and has been running like crap while we "wait on parts from the manufacturer" that ran us $1800.

The good news:

My husbands works in the disaster restoration business and the owner of his company stores peoples belongings out of their homes until their homes are refurbished. Alot of people take their insurance monies and replace belongings in the homes, so they get stuck with tons of fridges, washers, dryers, furnture, etc.
He gave us a black Maytag fridge and a Amana dryer that looks new. Next week we can purchase a new fridge and we can put the black one in the gameroom. Probably have to replace the hotwater tank, but ill be too thankful for the once week I get to soak in my tub to care! And hopefully nothing else will fall apart in the meantime.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh my GiGi

Our Gianna mimics my behavior, bad and good. She scrubs the floor, cooks in her play kitchen...

This one is the funniest, Gianna talking on a old Gameboy (it resembles my Sidekick) that Jimmy gave her to keep her from stealing his PS3 controllers! Chatting on her "cellphone" as she drives away on her derailed train!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Sundays are supposed to be for taking it easy, days off to rest and all of that. But not here!
Church in the morning (mass & CCD), sled riding, got haircuts, now to soccer. When he gets home from soccer he has to finish painting his car for boyscouts and get caught up on homework. He's so used to his father and I catering to him that when we try to be alone or with the girls he's demanding more things! Can't wait until we have 3 up and running! lol

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anyone care to hear my renovations for the upcoming year?

Here they go...

My daughters bedrooms
My mom and I planned on making coverings for Olivia's canopy crib when I remembered these castle beds. Then came "the plan". My daughters bedrooms are next to each other, so Im going to knock out the wall, lay down new carpet, repaint, and add murals and build this bad ass bed in the center for my girls. The castle in the center, slides on either sides of the 2 beds, Victorian style furniture. I can do this!

Our beautiful baby girl Olivia

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Snow!

It snowed so much last night and was arctic cold. Jim and I bundled up and went outside last night to shovel and clear off the cars so it wasn't so bad in the morning. It didn't seem to make a bit of difference! Jimmy made it perfectly clear he will not be participating in any plans today because he has his own to go sled riding.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My day out

I had a day out today, devoted to nothing but what I wanted to do for once! No happy meals, children hitting each other, nothing but quiet.
So I got my nails and toes done, hair cut and colored, went tanning, visited my grandparents, parents and went grocery shopping. All I need now is a full nights sleep and Im complete :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Still baking...

I really like Pomegranates, and drank almost half the bottle of my Pom juice before those children of mine spotted me and demanded I turn it over.

Tonight I baked Buck-Eye Bars
For dinner chicken cordon bleu, stuffed mushrooms caps, fresh steamed veges, with a salad. Lets see how creative I get tomorrow night! Our Personal Trainer Cooking game for the DS should be here in tomorrows mail, Im thinking Korean...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tonight its Pie!

Everybody has their own coping skills when it comes to dealing with stress, my house can be very stressful at times. So I bake.
Today I baked a Turtle Pumpkin PieI subscribe to Food & Family from Kraft and the recipes are really great.

My recent obsession with vampire stories...

A good friend of mine, who now lives in Florida, sent out a email weeks ago raving about the Twilight books. I asked my brother if he had heard of them and he said of course and told me to watch HBO's True Blood, that its more interesting and they have a set of books out as well.
So a couple nights later while Im wide awake with Olivia, who is nocturnal, I decided to watch the first of the True Bloods. It was the strangest thing I think Ive ever watched! I laughed at first and shut it off.
The next night my husband and I were watching TV and I replayed it for him, then we watched 2 &3 as well. Somehow I was addicted to this crazy series of vampire stories. I couldnt stop watching them. At first we would watch one a night together, then I was watching them during the day when he was at work! I called my brother to ask when HBO planned on putting out the next season! I couldnt wait

So I started reading the Twilight saga's, which were also addicting. I finished the 4th book the other day and watched the movie twice.

Oh now what... :( Nothing to watch or read anymore that has these interesting dead, blood drinking ppl in them that run around really fast!
Oh wait! Sookie Stackhouse Novels...Downloading them now

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My little angels

She's starting to smile!

What a good Big Sis
She's such a happy little princess

Monday, January 5, 2009

Olivia's Baptism

St. Patricks Church

My Jilly Bean, a wonderful godmother
She's Blessed

Our Beautiful Baby Olivia

Grandma & Livy We transform the dining room into a banquet hall to entertain dinner for Livy's celebration after Mass. All of our family and friends joined us.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whoa 2008 is gone? Thank goodness

2008 Flash
My boss offers me a promotion and I gladly accept. Soon after I head off to my new store! Work, work, work...
Valentines Day comes and goes and I wonder why I'm starting to feel so sluggish all of the sudden. Oh no, wait... when was my last period? On the phone with my friend and off to the store for a test. Fantastic! I'm pregnant...again. What in hell! Thanks Jim
Days go by, getting worse and worse. Holding down no food...dehydration sets in, next thing you know I'm in the hospital. The doc tells me I have HG. Upcoming weeks I would continue to get worse and soon be hospitalized again. There goes my job...welcome to FMLA leave in my first trimester!
Days are getting longer and I'm getting worse. Soon i have a PIC line in my arm running to my heart and a home nurse. I give my self injections of medications and hydration bags. Many more hospital stays follow. I go into kidney failure and many many nasty things happen.
Finally I'm able to keep food down on my own and my health slowly returns.

May brings my anniversary and we have a big picnic in the park.

June brings Gianna's first birthday, swimming, amusement parks and lots and lots of family fun with my kids.

Here's July, I'm 6 comfortable months pregnant and have central air! things looked like they might be looking up...
My aunt calls me to let me know my grandmother had been hospitalized. Every day that passed her health faded. I went to visit her and it was quiet. Her bed was lowered to the ground bc she was hallucinating and we were afraid she would try to get out and fall... She slipped into a coma since my last visit. I leaned over her, on my knees hugging her, crying hard. She took her last breath and passed. The next day we had dinner for my husbands birthday and I sat speechless at the table. I was crushed

August began with Jimmy and TJs birthday party, a reason for the family to get together and celebrate, since the last was for the funeral. August ended with dads birthday party.

Then September came I was really starting to hate being pregnant! I turned 28

Fall is my favorite time of the year beautiful colors and pumpkins. We enjoy walks, visits to Halloween events (hayrides, Idlewild). Finally baptize Gianna. Finish off the nursey for Olivia.
Halloween morning we birth Olivia!

November we all have Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Thankful the year is almost over. Thanksgiving tradition, we decorate our tree.

More Christmas decorations follow and it looks so pretty. The family gets together and does fun things, visits plays and light displays. Getting closer now...
My dog starts getting sick.
We celebrate Christmas Eve at mommys, Christmas day here. What fun we all have playing games and eating together...
Then a couple days goes by and we realized it was time to put Blaise down. Now my dog!
Will this year ever end??
My mom calls and says it would be best to not bring the kids out on the roads for New Years Eve, we can have it here at my house. She prepared all of the food and we had our last celebration of the year.
Thank god its over