Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Another holiday passed! The house is just about all decorated for Christmas. I've cooked/baked for 2 days to make todays family dinner nice, and it turned out pretty good. The turkey and pies turned out really good so right away Im satisfied, the only other thing I need is the parade and Thanksgiving is complete. But we of course had all kinds of things to eat and my whole family came to spend it with us. As soon as they left i was on the couch snoozing! lol
So tomorrow I will finish decorating and start reading the Twilight series! I've been waiting to start those. Hopefully in the new year I can get caught up on bills and pay off Santa (mom) and buy Kindle!! And my other wish is for more sleep, of course :)
Jim and my father go off hunting so I can be lazy! Yay