Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Funny thing about sleep

The funny thing about sleep is that most people take it for granted! As well you should. I always have until recently.
Jimmy had colic so once you comforted him he would snooze about 45 minutes top, I was also only 21 years old and able to handle a couple hours of sleep a night.
Well then Gianna came, what a wonderful baby she was. She slept all through the night and most of the day and up until she turned 1 she would smile at everyone and was quiet as a mouse. Absolute little angel.
Now we have Olivia. She sleeps on and off during the day. She gets in her crying moods where she screams on top of her lungs for a hour straight, then passes out. But when night time comes something strange happens to her. She transforms into the crankiest baby alive. Screams for hours on end! When 7am comes around, she transforms back again. Problem is by that time the other 2 are awake :(
Last night I was so tired from putting up the last of the decorations and baking I passed out through the screams and slept for 3 hours! Right through them! Amazing
Thats how worn out I am for ctaching about 3 hours a sleep total a night for weeks in a row. Then I get up in the morning and sleep walk through the house for hours until I get some energy together and I wash the children etc.
I really hope she starts sleeping sometime soon