Thursday, October 2, 2008

Planning Life is Hectic

So our priest is finally going to baptise Gia on Sunday! YAY First let me say I couldn't find a gown mom found one at JCPenneys, thank goodness. So she ran out and picked it up for me. I bought all of the food and we are ready to go for Sunday. I was in the pantry folding clothes thinking to myself that I better not go into labor until the middle of this month or later! We are going to Halloboo at Idlewild next Sunday with my family and are supposed to go to the pumpkin farm the following Saturday and I really dont want to cut the kids short, especially bringing home a new baby. I think I stress too much.
Well we got just about everything into our new room so I'm betting on painting the nursey this weekend. We have a hectic week next week as well filled with doc appts and open houses for school. We will be finishing up our soccer season in the upcoming couple weeks and are off the next 2 weeks from cubscouts so I think we can make it!
Jimmy did so good in Reading class today. Go Jimmy!! And he helped me carry so many things up to our new room, such a great helper he is.