Sunday, October 19, 2008

Almost done

We got the nursery put together yesterday! Dressers in place and washed out, clothes in their places, bags are packed and ready to go... Now just to get the baby in it

I bake halloween goodies every year for Jimmy and his CCD class. So this year we decided on googly eyeball cupcakes. Jim bought a case of hugs and off they went yesterday morning to church. Then I get this call from husband..

" Ahh Dan, is there something going on bc no one is here?"

" No, what are you talking about!"

" We are the only ones here!"

"Oh, let me look at his schedule....CCD is off this week. Sorry, come home"

All of those cupcakes! Where is my brain. This pregnancy has done weird things to me. Just last week I was heading for the gameroom and misjudged the doorway ad ran into it! I broke my pinky toe and it split wide open! It was bleeding and it really hurt :(

And i keep getting those stupid BH..., 'practice contraction' That makes me crazy. Trust me, I dont need practice and neither does my uterus! lol