Saturday, October 18, 2008

Soccer over!

Today was our sons last soccer game of the season. This is the end of his third year with this organization and I noticed this year was different then the rest. They do a 3 day camp to kick off the start of season with our cities professional soccer players, really nice. Then we usually have 2 practices a week and 1-2 games. After games started...our practices ended this year. That meant Jim had to take extra time out to do practices instead. Ok, no big deal.
Then came Round Robin....Every year the parents of the players make and donate food for our kids to eat during tournaments, set up games and activities, and we would volunteer to run it. They sell 50/50 tickets like crazy and everyone has a good time. This year they sold the food we donated to them?? So we spend our money and time to give it and the organization sold it back to my husband for him and my son to eat. No games or activities this year either. This really upset me bc this is strictly a volunteer ran organization. The dads cut the grass on the field and we take turns running the concession stand...
Well what really pushed the issue was no trophies this year. My son collects his trophies and is proud of them! They only gave them to the top winning teams of round robin instead! This is recreational sport that only keeps track of scores one game out of the year, RR.
So Im going to look into ordering him a little trophy and having it shipped to our house. But I may reconsider signing him up next year there and look elsewhere. Maybe where they wont keep the registration money of hundreds of kids and rob their parents! Errr