Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anytime now

So here is my gripe...
I have yet to figure out how the average mom with small children coordinates outings without having a break-down before she even gets out of the house. I've managed to make appts here or there at more convienant times, this way we arent missing classes or buggin family, but it still is crazy! Lets take this morning for example. I have a OB check-up so we all showered last night and I got all of the clothes ready for this morning. I even packed the diaper bag. We all get up at 7am, dress, eat breakfast, and off we go. So what went wrong??

Ok, we get to the doc office 15 minutes early and wait, wait, wait... They then move me and my 2 children to a exam room and we wait some more. So of course the children are starting to wake up more and get restless. My 1 year old is throwing her toys out of her playbag onto the filthy floor, my 7 year old is sticking his foot under the table and kicking them back out laughing. The 1 year old is kicking and hitting him whenever she gets a opportunity to reach him. That gets old fast and now shes throwing herself around in her stroller screaming. I dont want to take her out bc it takes a team of ppl to strap her back in afterwards and Im waiting to be examined.

Well needless to say we now have been waiting for over a hour and I was the first patient in the office. So I now give-in to my children, who are pretty scary at this point, and head back out into the waiting area to reschedule. The nurse we pass in the hallway aplogizes and says the doc is stuck in slow moving traffic in Oakland...? ok whatever

The receptionists out front are too busy having converstaions about their plans later to even acknowledge Im standing there trying to reschedule and does not offer help until I start walking away. Now Im running late for classes and still no examination or future appt scheduled.
I called my husband on the way home and was yelling in his ear over the screams from the one year old that "I give up!". Im going on 38 weeks pregnant and will just go to the hospital when its time unless Im weeks overdue and need to beg for a induction. Which was the plan for today but oh well, maybe its better the baby gets me in there then screaming at me out here!