Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Waterfront shopping

Dont you hate when you plan out a day to get things done and nothing you had in mind goes as planned...
I wanted to take my children shopping and be back by the time Jim came home from work. Of course we ran way over so we ended up going when he came home from work together. When we get there everyone is suddenly hungry so we ate crappy fast food. The children needed a couple things so we ran over to Old Navy. Well.. I usually shop online for them from Old Nvy and Gap since they have such a awesome Sale/Clearance area and just have it shipped to the house. I figured we'd check out whats in the store and pick up halloween costumes. There was NOTHING! I mean not a thing. the shelves were so empty you had a hard time picking up clothes full price. So Jimmy got jeans and I ended up ordering Gia sweater boots and tights at the counter and having them shipped to the house anyway. We ran to Michaels to pick up a couple things to finish making the childrens outfits...nothing.The petstore had crickets for the gecko, thank goodness bc I probably wouldve had a fit. Over to Barnes and Noble to find a new Halloween Book. I read the kids Bats in the Library, it was really cute. But the baby was more intersted then Jimmy was! lol He wanted to play with the toy trains. So we finished up and left. I figured Id run into Target to try and find costumes there but my husband looked at me like I was crazy and we headed home! With jeans and crickets lol