Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy Long Days

Well Gia woke up very early this morning so she is actually taking a snooze...thank goodness. Jimmy is logged onto school. Silence is golden here. We have been over busy for months around this house. Husband works way too many hours, Im here in our home way too long with our children (or at least it can feel that way by the end of the week)
So on the bright side...our priest is going to finally baptise Gia this weekend and we are moving forward on our application to the diocese for our marriage. Our anniversary will be this May so I was thinking this morning that we can renew our vowels and have a family dinner in a nice restaurant, rather then a reception, with cake and a vacation for me and Jim after. The we will be married in the eyes of the church and have a anniversary party for us. So I called and started arrangements with the priest :)
Now that I figured some of that out i just have to finish the new babys nursey and we will be all set!