Thursday, October 23, 2008

My funny animal picture

So my pregnancy is hopefully nearing the end, in the meantime I feel more crappy everyday that passes. The good news is Jim and I sat down tonight and listened to replays of our sons live classrooms and he has improved a 100%. For those of you that dont know where he needed improvement it was reading class and learning to pay attention. What a change since his tutoring! We are very excited for him.

On a bad note...I had to have a one of my back teeth pulled today. The dentist wanted to wait until I had the baby but it became painful so I had to schedule a emergency appt. My mom was supposed to watch the kids but I decided to send my parents on a roadtrip to neverland to buy Gianna a riding train with tracks for one of her Christmas gifts and found a alternative sitter. Then at the last minute and mean I should've already left my house 'where in the hell is my sitter' panic I had to get my husband to leave his job sight and come rescue me out of the situation I created. My second sitter tends to forget things...but anyway ;(

So they had to saw my tooth into pieces and pull, yank, tug... Then he slipped bc he was pulling so hard and jabbed me in the mouth with the forceps. Lucky I was really numb bc by this time over a hour had passed and he was still wrenching on my tooth, and I was becoming irritated and started breaking a sweat. Actually so was the dentist, and at one point he had to leave the room and come back! So at a total of 1 hour and 35 minutes I left the dentists off 1 tooth less then when I went in, 1 prescription of mild pain medication, and a swollen face! I've seen better days.

You know when you get that funny card in the mail of crazy animals that make you laugh? Well heres mine, to cheer me up on my bad day!