Friday, December 26, 2008


This deserved a post in its own.
My mom bought Jimmy a Nintendo Wii. I told her that Jimmy would be writing to her next year instead of Santa! lol
So everyone played this thing! And Jimmy woke up this morning with a arm and shoulder ache from boxing for hours. I cant wait to play tennis!! Yay

First she made sure he really loved her

By now I was really loving her for the Wii too!

Oh there it is! Its really here, finally
We now have a TV in our diningroom, and even moved the table out of the way.
We had to let him play first since it was his.... aahhhh [rolling eyes]

Then we all took turns. This thing rocked. We bowled, played baseball, tennis. golfed and boxed. House guests came and went for the rest of the night and we even had them playing it.
Go Mom, you rock...lala Go Mom (Jim and I danced while singing that song BTW)