Friday, December 5, 2008

"Multi-tasking crazy mommy" Part 2

The worst part

My husband calls as I'm leaving appt heading back to car and tells me he's working in Bethel Park today. He just got paid and knows I had shopping to finish. So I much worse could it get. I will venture into the mall and get the things we need real fast.
Now driving out to South Hills, Im running down what I need for tomorrows big day. I decided to go with cream for the kids Christmas pictures. I already bought Gia sweater boots, cord tights, beautiful sweater and jean skirt. Now I will run into Gap to grab Jimmy a sweater and dress shirt for under it to wear with his cords, and a knitted cord sweater dress for Olivia I saw at Baby Gap. No big deal, in and out, and I figured if they dont have what Im looking for I will run to Crazy 8's or Old Navy! IN AND OUT
Oh wait, I signed the kids up for those Simon Kids things. I could pick up the coupons now at Guest Services, we can eat lunch, get cookies, ride the train now if we have time. I love the Village and we could use some exercise, plus it's decorated so nice for Christmas. maybe Ill just hang out until Jim gets done work and we will meet big I figured! So i meet Jim and head towards mall.
Then it hits me! Its the holidays, what the hell am I thinking! I've worked in retail for years, how did I forget what this place turned into?! Driving around and around for a parking space. Then you wait behind the ppl that are waiting for someone to load their bags up so they can have the space. Take your time!! I'll wait! I say to myself irritated. I finally locate a spot pretty far away, outside of Macy's. I get out and start loading up the children and bags into stroller when a woman approaches me, "Excuse miss, I dont want to startle you, but please be aware there was a incident here a couple days ago with a man who was trying to abduct a young woman who had a small baby. She was parked right here in this same area, he just kept driving around and trying to get her to speak with him. It was daylight and everything. Have a good holiday and be careful!" ??? Oh are you kidding I thought. Doesnt it seem to always happen outside of Macy's Department Stores where these fruitcakes lurk around! You drive to South Hills to shop at a half decent mall and you expect it to be safe. Where are the police and mall security!
Anyway that made me move alot quicker now. We decide to cut into Macys so the blistering cold wind didnt freeze my kids and I would situate them in the stroller better. I only used my new double stroller twice now and Im not really used to it quite yet. Thats when I noticed the Olivias carrier was pushing forward on Gias head. No matter how I arranged it, it just wouldnt fit. She was crying, and I was ready to cry too. Thats when I decided to throw in the towel and head back towards the car. Practically running of course, being abducted by a lunatic would make my day much worse! back in the car, I notice the line a cars behind me waiting for my space. It made me want to sit and wait for awhile but i pulled out into the insane line of traffic wrapped around the parking lot to get out of the mall. Then I pulled out into the traffic on the main road and waited some more.
Now Jimmy is whining for McDonalds, its lunch time. That line is too wrapped around the building. Back to waiting.
I then realize I should have just went straight home after my appt. and saved the gas and my sanity! Apparently I need to hire a nanny and body guard to do holiday shopping around this place