Friday, December 5, 2008

"Multi-tasking crazy mommy" Part 1

At one point last night I woke up to Olivia screaming, but she wasnt in her crib where I put her! Where are those screams coming from?? did she get in her Soothing Motions Glider?? I look around puzzled and noticed a used bottle and my jammie pants on the floor. Now its confirmed! Im either crazy or sleep deprived to the point Im multi-tasking in my sleep! Ok, really its probably both. Could I have woke up, changed a diaper, fed a baby and was hot so I stripped off my jammies, then went back to bed! That could be dangerous.
Another diaper changing and feeding, back to sleep. 1 hour later-alarm going off to wake Jim up for work. Oh wait...Olivia is hungry again! Curse you baby!! Bottomless pit!!
Another diaper changing and feeding. Back to sleep..., then comes the screams from the down the hall. Ohhhh come on! Im freakin TIRED! Then Olivia wakes screaming. Two babies screaming now.
I grab Gia and run her down the stairs, change her diaper, give her sippy cup of milk, and turn on Noggin. Run back upstairs, grab Livy, change her diaper, feed her a bottle, put her in swing.
OH NO! I have a appt. to be at in a hour. I tried to find someone to even ride in the car with me so I didnt have to lug 2 babies, my 7 year old, 2 diaper bags, a double stroller, yada yada. Nope, nobody available last minute. I decided to cancel then figured Ill just deal. So I did, but ready for the worst part...