Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Memory of the day

I told my mom something funny my son had said last year and she said I should write it down. So here it is

Every year I make "magic reindeer dust" to leave out for Santa so he can feed his deer to help them fly to the next house. Its oatmeal, angel dust glitter, carrot strips, etc. We tell Jimmy its special ordered from the North Pole from Santas shop.
We put it on a plate on the front porch before we go to bed. Last year my dog had to pee so I let him out and he ate the dust! He's a piggy and eats everything so I should've known. Jimmy saw the glitter all over his whiskers and said, "Oh great! Now Blaise is going to fly away!"
This year he asked if Daddy or Pap Pap brought one of the reindeer out of the woods home and we fed him the dust if we could make him fly.
We are pleased the whole magic dust made a big thing around here!