Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whoa 2008 is gone? Thank goodness

2008 Flash
My boss offers me a promotion and I gladly accept. Soon after I head off to my new store! Work, work, work...
Valentines Day comes and goes and I wonder why I'm starting to feel so sluggish all of the sudden. Oh no, wait... when was my last period? On the phone with my friend and off to the store for a test. Fantastic! I'm pregnant...again. What in hell! Thanks Jim
Days go by, getting worse and worse. Holding down no food...dehydration sets in, next thing you know I'm in the hospital. The doc tells me I have HG. Upcoming weeks I would continue to get worse and soon be hospitalized again. There goes my job...welcome to FMLA leave in my first trimester!
Days are getting longer and I'm getting worse. Soon i have a PIC line in my arm running to my heart and a home nurse. I give my self injections of medications and hydration bags. Many more hospital stays follow. I go into kidney failure and many many nasty things happen.
Finally I'm able to keep food down on my own and my health slowly returns.

May brings my anniversary and we have a big picnic in the park.

June brings Gianna's first birthday, swimming, amusement parks and lots and lots of family fun with my kids.

Here's July, I'm 6 comfortable months pregnant and have central air! things looked like they might be looking up...
My aunt calls me to let me know my grandmother had been hospitalized. Every day that passed her health faded. I went to visit her and it was quiet. Her bed was lowered to the ground bc she was hallucinating and we were afraid she would try to get out and fall... She slipped into a coma since my last visit. I leaned over her, on my knees hugging her, crying hard. She took her last breath and passed. The next day we had dinner for my husbands birthday and I sat speechless at the table. I was crushed

August began with Jimmy and TJs birthday party, a reason for the family to get together and celebrate, since the last was for the funeral. August ended with dads birthday party.

Then September came I was really starting to hate being pregnant! I turned 28

Fall is my favorite time of the year beautiful colors and pumpkins. We enjoy walks, visits to Halloween events (hayrides, Idlewild). Finally baptize Gianna. Finish off the nursey for Olivia.
Halloween morning we birth Olivia!

November we all have Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Thankful the year is almost over. Thanksgiving tradition, we decorate our tree.

More Christmas decorations follow and it looks so pretty. The family gets together and does fun things, visits plays and light displays. Getting closer now...
My dog starts getting sick.
We celebrate Christmas Eve at mommys, Christmas day here. What fun we all have playing games and eating together...
Then a couple days goes by and we realized it was time to put Blaise down. Now my dog!
Will this year ever end??
My mom calls and says it would be best to not bring the kids out on the roads for New Years Eve, we can have it here at my house. She prepared all of the food and we had our last celebration of the year.
Thank god its over