Thursday, January 8, 2009

My recent obsession with vampire stories...

A good friend of mine, who now lives in Florida, sent out a email weeks ago raving about the Twilight books. I asked my brother if he had heard of them and he said of course and told me to watch HBO's True Blood, that its more interesting and they have a set of books out as well.
So a couple nights later while Im wide awake with Olivia, who is nocturnal, I decided to watch the first of the True Bloods. It was the strangest thing I think Ive ever watched! I laughed at first and shut it off.
The next night my husband and I were watching TV and I replayed it for him, then we watched 2 &3 as well. Somehow I was addicted to this crazy series of vampire stories. I couldnt stop watching them. At first we would watch one a night together, then I was watching them during the day when he was at work! I called my brother to ask when HBO planned on putting out the next season! I couldnt wait

So I started reading the Twilight saga's, which were also addicting. I finished the 4th book the other day and watched the movie twice.

Oh now what... :( Nothing to watch or read anymore that has these interesting dead, blood drinking ppl in them that run around really fast!
Oh wait! Sookie Stackhouse Novels...Downloading them now