Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Recently our beautiful stainless fridge stopped working, we put money into trying to fix it and it was no good. So we started using the gameroom fridge, until that broke yesterday. Then our second dryer in a year died out yesterday as well. Our cat decided he would check out whats between our ceiling and drop ceiling in the laundry room and caved it in. My hot water tank has been providing just enough hot water for 1 shower then its out, so the plumbers are coming this week to look, since they'll already be here fixing the furnace that broke 2 months ago and has been running like crap while we "wait on parts from the manufacturer" that ran us $1800.

The good news:

My husbands works in the disaster restoration business and the owner of his company stores peoples belongings out of their homes until their homes are refurbished. Alot of people take their insurance monies and replace belongings in the homes, so they get stuck with tons of fridges, washers, dryers, furnture, etc.
He gave us a black Maytag fridge and a Amana dryer that looks new. Next week we can purchase a new fridge and we can put the black one in the gameroom. Probably have to replace the hotwater tank, but ill be too thankful for the once week I get to soak in my tub to care! And hopefully nothing else will fall apart in the meantime.