Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honest as (S)Crap

This comes from one of my favorite blogs. Not Your Typical Mommy

She carried on to say in order to be able to pass this award on you must "spill 10 of your secrets"
You asked for it! Hear me vent

1. I can't stand my husbands family, I wish they'd take their unmannerly, weirdo asses somewhere away from me and my children.

2. If my ghetto ass, want to be gangster, teenage neighbor sounds off his base in his stereo one more day I might have to show him how gangster I can be!

3. My 1 year old daughter picked up my attitude, and I tell Jim its his fault she 'evil eyes' people, even though its mine.

4. I'm truly sad without my dog.

5. Ghosts dance in my attic and walk around my house and I find myself talking to them! Dont laugh...

6. I'm also 28 and still get pimples, and felt I was one of the very few people whose crappy teenage blemish problem followed them into adult world. (Until I read your post)

7. I also need to stop being a potty mouth in front of my children, who have also picked it up. Gia says 'shit' and Jimmy has a vast vocab

8. My Mirena IUD is going to push me over the edge of PMS crazy

9. I love 50's retro memorbillia

10. I havent bought myself a new pair of running shoes in years and cant wait until next week to shop for them :)

There it is, and as requested: "The other condition of this blog is passing on the award and since I think all bloggers out there deserve it, I'm giving it to everyone. So please, snag the button and spill 10 of your secrets."