Friday, June 5, 2009

What a emotional and busy past few days..

First off we are coming to terms that moving to our desired destination is probably going to have to happen this year and not next. That is so much to take in and so much planning.

I decided to take my 3 little ones to the grocery store with me today and that's always a little crazy in itself but the cashier was a moody snot and tried rushing us through, not wanting to take all of my coupons, practically throwing our food in the bags...needless to say I got snippy back and came home and called corporate Giant Eagle over the issue. A bit overboard? Hardly. When you spend hundreds of dollars a month on grocery's, diapers, etc in a place of business you should be able to expect a little common decency. Especially after packing 2 babies, a child, diaper bags, and driving past 3 grocery stores that were closer to get to this specific one because we value their customer service, or should I say 'we did'. After I got that out of my system...

DH stopped at K-Mart to pay on my lay-a-way and he bought the kids some kind of swimming pool with a slide, basketball hoop, .... thingy... whatever.
I start lay-a-ways early for about a $100 at a time so my payments are afforably and by the time Christmas gets here the kids have loads of toys and clothes they need/want and I dont have to take out a loan (like last year)

I made Deep Dish Upside-down Pizza for dinner and packed up Gianna and headed off to the rest of our stores to finish our errands. Sam's Club this time for diapers, Target for a couple baby needs (we can never have too many gates and safety items!). And finally back home, sigh, finally!

This weekend?
Well, we found Jimmy a nice dirtbike for sale so my parents are going to pick it up and store it in their garage until Christmas. I refuse to give that expensive of a gift for a birthday! Besides, him and DH are getting a Hershey trip for their bdays this year, plus my mom and I are heading back to Disney World in September and Jimmy is coming with us. Thats extravagant enough right? It took me almost 30 years to get there! He's a lucky kid, guess thats why he nominated my mother with a 'Grammy Award' lol

Then flower planting on my grandparents and father in law's graves. Yardwork here at home as well.

I do believe I rambled enough now, off to sleep