Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a crazy day!

Yesterday was one of those really hectic days where I ran from the second I opened my eyes.
All three of the kids had a check-up so my brother came along to give me hand. All packed up and off to South Hills.
Then we had brunch at Eat N Park, which I love.
Then to the mall to build our birthday girl bear and we got Livy's ears pierced!!!!! Little October pink diamonds, sooo cute.
Then we went to Target and a hardware store gathering Fathers Days gifts.
Finally back home.
My mom called to say a big storm was coming in so I dropped my brother off at home, stopped at grocery store to grab a couple food items, then to pharmacy to pick up prescriptions.
I was home no later then 6pm and my husband was already being called out to work. Which left me and the 3 kids home alone, eventually the electricity went out so we were in the dark. The kids fell asleep not too late and I drifted off soon after only to be woken by the electric turning back on about 3am which woke everyone.
Jim was home about 4am and back to work at 7am to clean up the huge messes.
Jimmy and I prayed for our home to stand its ground and for us all to be safe before we went to sleep and to bring Daddy home soon! We're thankful