Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sick Day II

Jimmy is still sick, the Pittsburgh rain is drowning my yard and making everything soggy :(
My neighbors boyfriend, who appears to be in his 20's, was riding a motorbike big enough for my son and ran right into our fence that surrounds our field. So my other neighbor, who is heaven sent, came over to worn me what happened. I send DH out to deal with the non-sense when the father of these trouble makers informs DH that a teenager rammed his bike into the side of my car last night at 1am and dented it up. He said he came over and beat on the door to tell us but we didn't wake up...hmmm
Lets put things into perspective here:
1) Does he not realize I have 2 babies and if one sneezes in their sleep, I wake up. Of course Im going to hear someone banging on my door. Ill go as far as to say I may even hear you opening my fence and entering my property.
2) Your daughters bf just smashed into (and damaged) my fence on our other property. Did you just throw a distraction my way?!
3) And most importantly, if Stupid didn't slam into my fence, would you have bothered at all to inform me you witnessed my vehicle being damaged?

```````````````````BOTTOM LINE`````````````````````````````
I called the police and they came and filed a police report. I then sent them to the neighbors and he apparently knew who did it, so he was able to tell the police. I called the parents of the kid and the mom was a single mother of 2 and almost murdered her son. The poor lady drove to my home to bring her son personally back to the car to clear the matter up. In the end I said "F#@* IT!" and told the lady to go home and calm down! DH and I will cover the damages.
My car was hit twice in 2 months, robbed twice in 2 years! Can I say it any louder??? Time to leave the Pittsburgh area.