Friday, May 1, 2009

Update on Gianna's potty training

Things have come a long way from where we have started. So our little strategy was to take her bottoms off, put her on the potty and when she went she got a hershey kiss and a 'you went potty' cheer.
The thing I struggled with was she went when we put her on the potty but if she was running around the house playing she would just pee wherever she was standing at the time. We were trying (or hoping) she would recognize the urge to pee and take herself to the potty.
Today was a breakthrough!
I was in the kitchen preparing lunch and Gianna was in the LR watching tv and playing. All of the sudden here she comes running with her potty base, right to the sink and dumped it all by herself. Then she went over the candy jar, took a hershey kiss and went right back into the LR with a hershey kiss in one hand and her now empty potty base in the other!
She peed, cleaned it up, and treated herself for it WOW I stood there speechless.