Thursday, May 14, 2009

Children are lovely

This will be the third day in a row Ive gotten less then 5 hours of sleep. Here are my list of complaints:

1. DH's company downsized big time and he is 1 of 8 ppl left that was not laid off. So he has been working long hours the last couple days to fill in for the missing staff.

2. Now worried he could possibly be laid off we are actually considering moving a year earlier then we planned to a better living/school location and to where a better job for him would be. Which to tell you the truth may be a blessing in disguise so I'm just going to roll with it. Its a long distance move

3. Gianna is in between potty training and twice now this week we put her to bed with her diaper and she pooped. Instead of the usual, letting us know she pooped, she took it out of her diaper and threw it! So its one of these... DH:"Do you smell that?" ME: "Oh NO!"
Yeah wonderful huh. Monkeys throw pooh and so does Gia. So that's a 10pm bath and sanitizing of the bedroom going on.

4. DH buys me 2 candy bars last night and was gracious enough to give one to Jimmy. On the 'promise' he wont eat it until after lunch today. (???WHAT! He's 7! He's going to run upstairs and eat that!) So anywho, I was right, of course. DH yells for the child and he comes down wearing the evidence on his shirt and face.

5. Just getting up to bed now around midnight guess who else is wide awake with us? Did you guess Jimmy?

6. Olivia is teething and has been waking up through her naps and the night screaming. I've given her Baby Oragel , Baby Motrin, teething rings...nothing is helping. I'm actually going to take her to the pediatrician tomorrow to make sure her ears are ok.

7. When DH left for work at 6:30 am this morning, Jimmy was already awake! And went in to wake Gianna up! After us being up half the night with Olivia.

So there you are...Three sleepness nights, three little children, 2 tired overworked parents. I keep praying for a break from our mess.