Friday, May 29, 2009

This brings joy to my heart

My baby daughter, Olivia, is in this Baby Einstein bouncer thing with all of these toys that hang all around it, cooing and laughing as she bats around these toys, totally content in her playing alone. My toddler, Gianna, notices in one of her many laps around the diningroom notices that Livy kicked off her sock, so being a good big sister she tells her to put her sock back on!
Out of nowhere Olivia starts laughing hysterically all because Gianna is holding her sock and yelling to her "SOCK!". Gianna cant figure out what her problem is and why she wont just put her sock back on and stop laughing at her so she continues to yell out "SOCK!" holding it in the air and Olivia laughs so loud in the cutest, funniest laugh. It occurred to me how happy that my children make me at that very moment. Thank you kids :)