Thursday, December 3, 2009


I am so tired at this point, I mean really tired. Just a few hours of sleep, almost a whole half a pot of coffee down and I am ready to pass out. Finals will do this each at every time. Of course trying to write Jim's essays help Jim write his essays on top of my own is so tiring. Its the whole compiling thousands of words into a APA format over and over, on top of researching and outlining. Then there is Jimmy's work.
  Oh then Christmas shopping is a scary scary thing. We already spent so much and yet the list keeps growing somehow. How does this get so out of control? It goes from celebrating Jesus's birthday to bankrupting us.
  On an even crazier note, I read on my Yahoo homepage today that a couple paid a national forest for a Christmas tree. Not just a tree farm where you cut one of  their trees down and they take it back and wrap it! They drove their Subura into the forest, attempted to hike to the top of a mountain to cut down a rare tree that is only found in high elevation and has not returned. So here's the part I found crazy. The same couple, did the exact thing last year and got lost. These people have 4 children and the wife is a diabetic. What in the hell are you thinking? Its Christmas assholes, what about your kids! You risk your lives over a Christmas tree?! What is going on in this place