Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I am thankful for

I am thankful for: (in no particular order then when they pop into my head)
1) My brother TJ and the greatness he turned out to be and his kind heart
2) My brother David. I am so incredibly thankful we made it another year and he is well
3) My precious babies are my heart and soul and the reason I live
4) For the fond, loving memories of my guardian angels, my grandparents
5) My parents for being the rock, heart and soul of the family
6) Jim for his dedicated partnership and unshaken love
7) My sister in law for her patience, kindness, and love she has showed my family
8) To have made it another year
9) My new found faith I found the day I lost my grandmother, it keeps me strong
10) To have the means to provide for my children
11) The soldiers who are away from home this holiday fighting to keep my children safe
12) My brother in law leaving that junkie bitch, may God guide him down the straight path
13) Reuniting with my Godfather
14) My cousin Jack making it another year and he is well
15) Having the opportunity to go to Disney World, not once, but twice this year!
16) For growing a year older and ten years wiser
17) And last but not least: The advice my grandmother gave me before she passed.

My prayers go out to:
Cancer victims (especially the little guys), soldiers, the homeless (humans and animals alike), children who will lose the dream of Christmas this year over this fucked up economy, my babies, Falco & Chet, David, people who lose their love ones, people who lose their homes and jobs, my aunt (for my uncles sake), and every single day of my life I pray to God for strength to keep going and to make it through

Happy Thanksgiving Be thankful for what you have