Sunday, December 6, 2009

Celebrate! Celebrate!

I have successfully completed yet another class with an A. Rock on! That is 12 credits for this school under my belt so far. DH has successfully completed his first class with an A as well. I start new classes tomorrow and he gets a week off. (lucky!)
 I must start to prepare my list of baking goods and square away some more Christmas shopping. I picked up DH's lay a way on Friday, bunch of cloths and guy stuff. Got it all wrapped and hidden away in the attic. Now I must finish the kids and my family. I will say that I will be ecstatic when I have everything payed off and bought. Sad that Christs birthday is such a consumer holiday, ruins everything.
 Now that DH is home from hunting and all finals are complete, I can actually shower and go to sleep before 3AM for the first time this week!! Tomorrow is the speech therapist and Jimmy's homework ((((sigh.....)))