Thursday, April 22, 2010

1:00 pm Downtime

 I realized this morning that we no longer have a schedule we operate on as we once did in the past, and the need to get back on track. Every morning I wake up to the sound of my daughters clammering above me, screaming, laughing, jumping on their beds. The same routine happens everyday here in the Teti house:
Jims wakes up for work, feeds the animals and leaves..
I wake up and change the children, make breakfast...
And that all seems fine until...
Until I have to start the paperwork and phone calls that are needed to run this crazy house. I know that my lack of organization is the reason its stressful on me, but there are times when it is near impossible to keep up with daily chores. All it takes is one thing to fall out of place and the whole day can go off track.

After logging Jimmy onto school I realized I was 6 months back on Internet Reimbursment forms, seriously!? Thats like $300 that could be sitting in our savings account. Then I notice Jimmy is eligible for Sylvan tutoring at no cost to me, provided by the school. Print out all 25 pages of forms, options, and contact information...fill it all out, call and leave messages with school. Waiting on call back
Start looking through bill folder and notice our auto insurance is due today...err. Call and pay that
While Im on the phone people are chanting in the background "EAT EAT" Oops, lunch time
Grill sandwiches and serve fruit
It occurs to me that I have yet to register for the Race for The Cure...Call friend and register online, chat for a couple minutes..
Wonder to myself when we are going to get the garden ready.??
Put the children to sleep and just sitting here now, really loving the cool breeze blowing through my window. Got homework to complete, a floor to sweep and mop, cloths to wash, a shower to take...
But I dont feel like doing anything really