Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Running through my mind...

Seriously...WTF is Comcast's problem? Why is there a different problem with this equipment and service everyday? Why in the hell should I have to spend an hour a day on the phone doing their stupid trouble shooting techniques?

I had to make a trip to K-mart to buy some Spring cleaning products. New pants hangers, stand up cloths racks, Febreeze, and all new planting products. Why did I have to buy all new seeds, shovels, etc? Because my good for nothing loving dog decided to eat everything inside of my bucket for the garden. All of my seeds had to be replaced and it was really expensive...and really irritating. 
Add that to the cost for the carpeting on the glassporch he peed on and dug up, the curtains throughout my house he ripped down, medication and vet visit  bills for double ear infection, anxiety, allergies, vaccinations, plus getting him fixed and I would say that Hemi is starting to over stay his welcome in my home. 

My daughter refuses to go potty. I mean seriously, one couldnt actually prefer to pee their pants right? Olivia runs to the potty chart, points, and sits on Gianna's potty chair. Why wont Gianna sit on her potty chair?
We tried  Pull-Ups to no avail, she just treated them like diapers and wet in them. She didnt seem to mind that they felt different or "wetter", nope, not at all. Then Jim bought her Disney Princess underwear...so she climbed on his new ottoman and peed on it. Through the underwear, right onto his brand new couch! He was so mad, he said the livingroom is going to smell like a zoo... Oh whatever, at this point I am past caring. I am tired of hearing "she just isnt ready". YES SHE IS, she is stubborn and being lazy. We have sticker charts, fancy potty chairs, potty books, potty songs and DVD's, she could care less. I bribe her with snack size candy bars, not even M&M's like the pediatrician advised! Still no breaking her.

We thought we made it through the winter storm pretty much unaffected, we were happy the gutters didnt all rip off with the giant iceburgs that were falling off of our house. So I wanted to grill the other day, and Jim pulled out the metal pieces of what remained of our gas grill....
Off to the Home Depot to replace grill...Spring is looking good so far

I wish we had a PinkBerry around here

What in the hell am I going to do with this dog when I go to Hershey?

I did buy all of my dinner for Easter already. Just need simple things like buns and tomatoes. I already stuffed the baskets for the kids and neices and nephews. Just have to stuff the eggs for Easter hunt and its looking good so far.

I think I am almost out of the woods with the whole sick thing...Just occasionally vomit

I made a trip to Gabe's early this week and got a ton of dress cloths for Jim for so cheap. Mens dress shirts, ties, socks, belts, pants. I even bought shorts and Tshirts for him. I bought the girls a bunch of summer cloths and Jimmy shirts and shorts. Half of the cloths I bought Jim unfortunately didnt fit so I had to take them back and exchange them, and when I was shopping I found racks of Motherhood Maternity cloths really cheap too. I bought myself a bunch of pants, shorts, dresses, etc. Total=less than $300 for the entire shopping trips together.

I think I will get that maternity picture I wanted since this will be the last little one we have.

I hear its going to be almost 80 degrees this week...maybe I can wear one of my new dresses.

Im so tired lately...maybe Ill take a nap