Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Working my way down

I am a list writer, organizer, type A woman. I have to say that the month of October's chore list was starting to look scary there for a moment, even for me!
I'm happy to announce that we survived the majority of the monster load of tasks that had to be accomplished thus far.
1) Bought Halloween costumes
2) Made treats and bags for Boy Scouts Halloween Party
3) Successfully completed my last class and finals
4) Bought truckloads of Halloween decorations for Olivia's 1st birthday party
5) Decorated the house for Halloween and put up half the party decor so far
6) Bought girls matching outfits for pictures (that wasn't easy)
7) Had pictures taken in pretty matching outfits and princess costumes. They turned out absolutely beautiful.
8) Sam's Club visit, bought all food for party so far and household items
9) Made it to build a bear for Olivia's Birthday Bear! And Gianna built one too.
10) Tracked down the family's cake baker and ordered cake and cupcakes for party
11) Made treat bags for Olivia's party
12) Got the kids to Triple B to pick apples and pumpkins
13) Made it back from Disney World alive
14) Planted mums on all of our families graves (one of the tasks I dislike)
15) Planned the majority of the birthday party